Lockout Supplements February Specials

The following products are on Special and will continue to be on blowout sale till our current supply is gone! As stock runs out the product will be taken off the site till we can get more.

Applied Nutriceuticals Neovar 240ct 18.95
BSN N.O. Xplode NT 10 serv. 7.95
BSN CellMass NT 10 Serv 7.95
Controlled Labs Green Bulge 15.99

Controlled Labs Green Magnitude, 80 serv $29.95

Controlled Labs OxiMega Kit 29.95

Controlled Labs White Flood 25 serv 19.99
Controlled Labs Orange Triad  22.99
Gaspari Phenorex 23.99
Gaspari Spirodex 23.99

LG Formadrol Extreme XL 22.95
LG Trifecta Stack 63.99

LG Rezolution 24.95

Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix 23.95

Nutex Vitrix 90ct 20.95

Phantom Labs Phorce $24.99

Phantom Labs Phreak $24.99

Purus Labs FatSmack/SLINShot Combo $39.99

SNS Creatine E2 120 Cap 8.95

SNS creatine E2 240 Cap 12.95

Transform Orastan E 3 bottle COMBO 49.99

Transform Post Cycle 19.99

Transform Bromo 23.99

Transform ATD 23.99

Universal Animal Pak 15ct $12.95
VPX Liquid Clenbutrx 19.99
VPX Meltdown 21.99

The following discount codes are still active for these companies.


purus15 = 15% off Purus items only
appnut15 = 15% off Applied Nutriceuticals only
transform10 = 10% off Transform Supplements only
primordial10 = 10% off Primordial Performance only
anabolic10 = 10% off Anabolic Innovations only

*Codes work on all items that are NOT on special.  Those items are marked down much more than a code would give.

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Once again thanks everyone for choosing Lockout Supplements!

Greg Green
Lockout Supplements

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