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We are proud to introduce Trutein, an ultra-premium protein powder designed for professional athletes. We specifically formulated Trutein to be the best-tasting and most innovative protein available. Consequently, Trutein delivers more health benefits than any other existing protein. Some features include:

  • Sustained-Release Protein Blend of Whey Micellar Casein & Egg White
  • Recovery Module featuring Omega-3s & Nucleotides
  • Labeling Integrity, i.e. no label dressing
  • Five Delicious Flavors Including:
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cup
  • Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry
  • Chocolate-Covered Banana
  • Vanilla

Once you try Trutein, you will never settle for anything less.

40% Whey, 40% Micellar 

Casein &

 20% Egg White

  • 23g Protein, 5g BCAAs & 4.6g Glutamine Precursors
    To continuously fuel new muscle synthesis
  • 75mg Omega-3s & 20mg Nucleotide Recovery Module
    To reduce inflammation & lower cortisol
  • 100mg Trusorb Amino Acid Utilization Enzyme Module
    To increase amino acid uptake
  • 2.5g Prebiotic Fiber Blend
    To promote digestive health and satiety

Label Dressing - Definition

To "dress up" a product's label with claims/statements that make the product appear healthier or better than it really is. Often used on protein supplement labels in reference to micellar casein and Omega-3s

  • Most labels claims that tout the inclusion of micellar casein, omega-3s, etc. are misleading
  • They are misleading because the ingredients are in amounts too small to be effective
  • Cheaper fillers are almost always used as substitutes
  • Trutein's labeling integrity program aims to inform consumers exactly what's inside

imply put, label "dressing" is the term that supplement marketers use to describe doctoring supplements to make them appear much better than they really are. For example, many proteins exclaim in bold letters the inclusion of micellar casein and egg white, yet the reality of the matter is that unless the specific proportions are clearly delineated, chances are good that the blend contains less than 5 percent of micellar casein and egg white. This is because whey is less than half the cost of micellar casein and egg protein. This is a classic instance of a company being more concerned with profits than with quality.

Now the whole point of using micellar casein and egg white is for their unique anabolic and anti-catabolic properties, which are different than whey. By adding only tiny amounts of these protein forms, it defeats the whole purpose of their inclusion, thus rendering the "label claim" pointless and misleading. Ultimately, these companies are breaching the trust between them and you, and you, as the consumer are being duped.

Trutein, on the other hand, values labeling integrity. Consequently, Trutein reveals exactly the percentage component of its individual protein components, as well as its recovery complex. You know exactly what you're buying and you can rest assured that you truly are receiving the highest quality formula available.

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