(fecunded G. gallus domesticus isolate)
300 Grams
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A uniquely powerful, biologically active agent developed by Peak Wellness BioPharma and trade named MYO-T12™ has emerged as the first clinically documented product of its kind possessed with the potential to legitimately reduce serum myostatin levels.

This technology, a naturally derived compound that would function as a modulator and antagonist to myostatin production, has now been validated in a clinical study† that has a documented average serum myostatin reduction of 46% among study subjects in as little as twelve hours with just single serving!

  • MYO-T12™ is the only dietary supplement of its kind backed by more than a decade of evolutionary bench work and published scientific research showing it can truly reduce human myostatin levels!

  • MYO-T12™ is the only myostatin inhibitor clinically tested† and shown to produce high-grade short-term suppression of myostatin in 100% of the human test study subjects!

  • MYO-T12™  is the only product of its kind shown to reduce blood levels of myostatin in study subjects by an average of 46% in only 12-18 hours!

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